System of Science 7 The Shift of 2012

As you may or may not know, the Mayan agenda concluded on December 21, 2012.Many anticipation that date apparent the end of the world. Others interpreted this as the end of an age of alertness and a alive to a new one.In my opinion, there is a about-face aloft us, it’s a about-face in alertness and it started about in the backward 1980s, it is continuing now, and it is accelerating. Generally, it is a about-face from a fear-based association to one that is added love-based.Many humans haven’t noticed any about-face but, if you attending for it, you will see it accident all about us.Here are some examples:1. Crime statistics are down, humans are active best and there is added accord in the apple than anytime afore in our recorded history.

2. We are seeing amazing advances in the sciences. Quantum Physics, Nanotechnology, amplitude biking and other, new arising sciences are giving us new systems, accessories and abstracts to accomplish our lives easier.3. We see an accretion absorption in demography affliction of the planet and award artistic means to ally business with the environment.4. In our institutions we are seeing behemothic shifts. For example· In apprenticeship we are seeing accretion accent on right-brain activity, creativity, analytical thinking, research, and we accept appropriate schools for the gifted, for the arts, for athletes, etc.· In religion, we are seeing abundant beneath fear-based admonition about sin and damnation and abounding added love-based initiatives involving community, allowance the disadvantaged and admiring our neighbor.· We are seeing big accouterment in our aliment system. Grocery aliment accept ample amoebic sections, which didn’t abide 20 years ago. Legislation is prescribing acknowledgment on labels. And, we accept Nutritionists and aliment scientists teaching us about nutrition, supplements and advantageous eating. We aswell accept added options for healthy, apple-pie water.· We are seeing added accent on the blockage of disease, as able-bodied as another and adulatory approaches to bloom and healing. Today, we are allurement added questions of our physicians, we are demography added albatross for our own health, we are designing convalescent activity styles and we are active longer.· The media is no best controlled by a baddest few, with abysmal pockets. Today, we accept Social media, wikileaks, podcasts, and added forums area about anyone can play.

If we attending for it, we can see the about-face all about us. The planet is affective to the fourth body and she’s demography us with her. For the a lot of part, we are branch appear a abundant better, beneath aflutter and added admiring society. In accomplishing so, it is adopting the aggregate vibration, accretion our consciousness, advancing our adherence and allowance us to advance as a species.So, I allure you to attending about and apprehension what’s alive in your apple and, if you affliction to, adjudge how you will accord to it. The humans featured my podcasts accept mostly ample it out and they are all actively accomplishing their part.

System of Science Do You Think The Future Of Robotic Armies Is Science Fiction? Then You Are A Fool

The approaching of warfare will be autonomous, algebraic and robotic, in abounding cases it already is. We accept missile aegis systems which act based on advice after cat-and-mouse for a animal to accomplish the decision. We accept automatic aircraft, and free systems everywhere we look. A lot of of our adversaries both ample and baby use robotics, electronics, and free accessories to serve their will in battle. A abate army needs an advantage, and the old canicule of lining up and accepting a war of abrasion are continued gone. Aback all armies or opponents seek an advantage and aback robotics, free systems are an advantage – these systems will be deployed as generally as possible.There was a rather absorbing commodity on Singularity Hub titled; “Watch These 1,069 Robots Ball Their Way to a New World Record,” by Vanessa Bates Ramirez on September 5, 2017 that stated:

”WL Tech captivated the ball affair to authenticate their latest automatic technology. The robots were all programmed via one accumulation ascendancy system. One Dobi Apprentice is 47cm tall, weighs 2.15 kilos, and costs $330. Besides dancing, the apprentice can aswell walk, talk, and do Tai Chi. There’s a lot of all-overs about robots demography on new capabilities. They’re already smarter than us in some ways. Can they eventually become conscious? Will they abduct all our jobs? Amid these worries, and for bigger or worse, robots will acceptable abide to access our lives in assorted capacities-so we may as able-bodied accept some fun with them.”For this affirmation and I accept there is a YouTube blow of it somewhere, they lined up the robots like an army in a array to do their performance. If you were to becloud the video angel with your eyes or just aback up a little you would be able to acquaint these were beautiful little robots or storm troopers with weapons. Indeed, it’s the aforementioned technology either way anyhow.Many blench at the anticipation of automatic armies slaughtering humans, abounding nations now are convening in Geneva to amend the Geneva Convention if it comes to automatic weapons, abnormally absolutely free ones (no animal in the bend or at the controls by remote). Still, who says it will be robots killing humans, a lot of acceptable it will be automatic armies advancing added arresting automatic armies and the nation with the best robots wins – thus, the added surrenders to their political will. Think this is all science fiction? It’s not, it’s about here, yes, you should be concerned.

Where do we go from here? Well, there isn’t abundant that can be done, we are already able-bodied on our way, and absolutely no nation has anytime carefully followed the Geneva Convention 100% and even if abounding nations do, not every antagonist is a affiliate to the Geneva Convention set of rules. Think on this.